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Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions we make during our lifetime. A home inspection can offer feedback on the condition of structural and technical elements of the home to ensure it is an investment you want to move forward with. Hiring a certified home inspector with years of experience can help in not only peace of mind – but safety. ORDER YOUR INSPECTION >>



Selecting a good location for your business is key to future success -- you not only want to ensure you are making a good investment, but you want to ensure your building is safe for both you and your employees. Building inspections are vital to qualifying for business loans and may reduce insurance rates.

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Four Point Inspections, Mold Inspections, Termite Inspections, Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspections, Pool & Spa Inspections, Radon Inspections, Wind Mitigation Inspections, Water Testing, Sprinkler Inspections, Septic Inspections, Chinese Drywall Inspections, and Phase Inspections.

Get The Complete Picture of Your Future Home

  • Professional & Thorough Inspections

    Having SUPRA Key access, we make having a home inspection easy on everyone and encourage both agents and buyers to be present during our inspections.

  • Sample Home Inspection Report

    You will be provided with a thorough home inspection report, and all additional inspection reports, we will also provide the report to your real estate agent at your request.

  • Re-Inspection Post Repairs

    Ensure your repairs were completed properly -- When repairs are complete, we also offer re-inspection services upon request. Call us to setup your re-inspection: 352-694-8201

  • Always Available

    Have questions about your home inspection results? We're there for you. We are happy to explain or review any of your inspection results and what they mean.

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Get To Know a Home's True Condition

Ocala Home Inspector

A buyer who has direct, accurate and certified knowledge of a home’s short-comings has several more options available to them, including but not limited to being able to negotiate repairs, have the ability to research repair costs if they would like to move forward, what the dangers are (if any) found during the home inspection and even to back out of contract if the inspection results were more than what the buyer was willing to deal with. It is just like having a coach in your corner to help you make the right decision with your home purchase. When you select a home inspector with years of experience, all of that knowledge is behind you as you move forward and they will be available to answer any questions for you post-inspection.


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We wouldn't use any home inspector other than Danny Blankenship with the HomeTeam Inspection Services in Ocala, FL. We had him come and inspect a building for us all the way out in Crescent City, he is a true professional we could trust to assist us in making an informed real estate decision based on a building inspection. We recommend Danny to all of our friends, family and business associates! THANK-YOU for all you do!

  Christine B - Crescent City, FL

Danny is very personable! Was early to the inspection and made me feel comfortable. Great experience.