Inspection Services Include:

  • Commercial Building Inspection

    We inspect all types of commercial buildings, from single/freestanding storefront-type buildings, to warehouses, strip malls and medical facilities. All inspections are performed by licensed, qualified CONTRACTORS, all at the same time on the same day. Their verbal reports will be given at that time and repair estimates will be forwarded later.

  • Septic System Evaluation

    Routine septic inspections are great to catch issues before they become big (and messy) problems as a neglected tank and malfunctioning drainfield can result in serious repricussions. Avoid disaster and get peace of mind with a comrehensive septic tank inspection. The HomeTeam works with a licensed professional who specializes in septic tanks who also offer pump-out services.

  • Roof Inspection

    A roof that is in proper working condition is vital to a home's structure. The HomeTeam performs residential roof inspections and use a State licensed Certified Roofing Professional for for commercial roofs. Please call for details.

  • Building Phase Inspection

    Whether you are building your new home with the help of a general contractor or contracting out the work yourself, there are many specialists involved in the process, and sometimes even the most reputable home builders can miss critical items during this time-sensitive process. Common phase inspections include: Foundation, Pre-drywall, Final punch-out list and walk-through. These inspections assist in monitoring the building process by providing an unbiased, third-party evaluation of the construction. This offers peace of mind and confidence your home will serve you well for years to come.

  • Four Point / Wind Mitigation

    Mitigation Insurance inspections: Since the 4 hurricanes Florida endured in 2004, insurance companies have tighten up on writing policies on homes, especially if they are either foreclosed or over 20 years. These inspections are separate from the home inspection and is only for the purposes of obtaining home owners insurance and are normally a nominal fee.

  • Sprinkler/Irrigation Inspection

    Sprinkler leads and failures can lead to high water bills and potential damage to the home. In Florida a malfunctioning sprinkler system can also leave expensive landscaping thirsty, vulnerable and lead to costly plant/lawn replacement. An irrigation inspection includes a visible inspection of controllers, connections, sprinkler head locations, pressure differentials, drains and sensors. Water meters are also inspected as a means of uncovering any possible leaks that are not visible.

  • Chinese Drywall Inspection

    During the construction boom of 2002-2007, a shortage of domestic drywall caused many builders to purchase products from China. The imported drywall is usually found in home sbuilt between 2004-2007 and can cause many concerns for homeowners. The drywall deteriorates and corrodes wiring, HVAC systems and household appliances. We perform these very specific drywall inspections.

Services Overview

The HomeTeam offers home and commercial inspections, radon testing, mold testing, and water quality testing.

Discover the HomeTeam difference. When you need a professional home inspection, trust HomeTeam of North Central Florida, the leading home inspection company in this area. We utilize a team of professional inspectors and spend 1 and 1/2 hours at the inspection site for a thorough evaluation. For more than 15 years, home buyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals have recognized HomeTeam for being fast, trusted and accurate. Involved in many stages of the construction industry since 1976, Residential, Commercial and Institutional. We are certified to perform all required State insurance inspections ( Since 2007) and have the forms ready when you need us.


Some inspections may be performed by independent licensed professionals. Please call for details.

Pre-Purchase Inspection:

Inspection the major systems of the house. These include the Roof, Exterior, Structure, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Insulation, and Interior. Our goal is to identify any existing major problems that would affect a typical buyer's decision to purchase.

Pest, Termite, WDO Inspection:

We only use a State licensed Certified pest operator to perform these inspections, who then issues a report to The HomeTeam to forward to you, indicating if issues are present. Termite inspections are also know as WDO inspections, which also include any insect or organism that damages the structure, these include 3 different types of termites, beetles, wood rot, fungus and other destructive insects.

Radon Testing:

Radon is a naturally occurring, odorless, colorless, tasteless, radioactive gas produced from the radioactive decay of radium, found in most soils and earthen construction materials. Data collected by the department indicates that 1 in 5 Florida residences has elevated radon levels. The only way to know the radon levels in your home is to test.

Mold Testing:

Mold testing/Indoor air quality testing/Inspections are a detailed evaluation of the home/building to determine 1-if mold is present---2-what type of testing (if necessary) is needed. Mold is a natural part of the environment, and needs moisture and a food source, ie-drywall, plywood,carpet etc. to grow. We will try to determine if you have it and them what steps should be taken to test/remediate the situation. Having performed several hundred mold-related inspections, we will put you at ease and help you through the process if it is present.

Water Testing - Water Quality:

Ensuring safe and healthy drinking water may be as simple as turning on the tap from an EPA-regulated public water system. Other water sources may need a water filter, a check on water fluoridation, or an inspection to ensure a septic tank is not too close to a private well. It is important to know where drinking water comes from, how it’s been treated, and if it's safe to drink.

Pool & Spa Inspection:

Pools are checked for cracks, etching/pitting in the marcite, rips in the vinyl and damage in the fiberglass. The pool decks are checked for cracks and damage. The pool equipment is checked for functional and physical conditions of the equipment, including lights and water features. If issues are observed, recommendations will be given. Pool heaters are not within the scope of the pool inspection.

Home Inspection Process, Fees & FAQ's

Home Inspection Services of North Central Florida
Here Is What You Can Expect

HomeTeam of North Central Florida is known to be the most thorough home inspection company in the area. They have a team of inspectors and spend at least 1 1/2 hours inspecting every home & meet with their clients after the inspection for a personalized "walkthrough." A walkthrough is touring you through your new home, answering all your questions, showing you what needs to be repaired, revealing any safety hazards, giving product and repair tips, as well as suggestions for preventative maintenance in the future. With your permission, your agent & the selling agent will be informed of the findings.

Efforts are made to email the reports to you later that day, but will to be to you by the start of the next business day. We are available to answer any questions any parties may have concerning the inspection with your permission. Buying a home is one of the largest investments you will ever make and our goal is to make the process a little less stressful.

Fees and Payment: Your home inspection fee may be paid at the time of your inspection or on-line after you request your home inspection.

Request a sample copy of a home inspection report from The HomeTeam Inspection Services >>

Warranty Questions: A home inspection is a professional opinion based on less-than-complete information. It's a little like getting a check-up from your doctor: It improves your odds of good health but there is no guarantee or warranty. Some problems can only be discovered by living in a house - they cannot be discovered during a home inspection. For example, some shower stalls leak when people use the shower but don't leak when you simply turn on the shower. Some roofs and basements only leak when specific weather conditions exist. Some problems will only be discovered when carpets are lifted, furniture is moved or finishes are removed. As such, we cannot and do not offer a warranty on the house.